Our Services

We deliver renewable energy solutions from greenfield through operations.

Renewable Energy Development for a Sustainable Future


From greenfield to operations, WRB Energy manages the entire development process. We match the right technologies with the right sites for each project. View the video of our recent project, Content Solar, Jamaica’s first utility-scale solar plant.

Location Siting

Identifying and acquiring suitable land to execute a renewable energy project takes keen knowledge of the market conditions, regulatory and legal frameworks, and political climate…


Through our association with WRB Serra, we can provide sponsor equity to finance stand-alone renewable energy projects and integrated utility investments. We act decisively on high-value opportunities to take a project from concept to operations for sustainable, long-term returns.

Design & Construction

Designing the right project for the right environment is critical for long-term success. Our iterative design process seeks to maximize returns for our investors while also delivering the lowest cost of energy to our customers…


WRB Energy’s partner company, WRB Enterprises, has operated integrated utility companies in the Caribbean for more than 30 years, with management responsibility for generation, transmission, distribution, and renewable energy development.

WRB Energy Releases New e-brochure: Powering Change through Renewable Energy Development